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What Your Donations Provide

Old Hickory Recovery

Caring contributions like yours enable us to provide essential resources and support to individuals in recovery. Your donations directly fund high-quality recovery housing, comprehensive workshops, peer-support case management, transportation services, and therapy and counseling sessions. Together, we're transforming lives and creating lasting positive change in our community.

Mens sober living

Safe & Supportive Housing

At Old Hickory Recovery, we provide a comfortable and safe environment for individuals in need of recovery services. Our homes are designed with comfort and recovery in mind, providing a home-like environment rather than a facility. We understand that environment in which you recover in MATTERS and we strive to provide the best possible homes for our resident

Therapy, Counseling, & Recovery Workshops

Our Therapy and wellness fund pays for our residents to receive individual sessions with partnered licensed alcohol and drug counselors, trauma therapist, EMDR therapy, psychiatric provider or any other specialty provider that they may need to see. 

We also provide weekly recovery workshops hosted by a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor & Pastor.

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We offer transportation access and help to get our residents to all essential medical and mental health appointments, outpatient treatment programs, grocery store, job interviews and legal appointments.

Peer-Support Case Management

We  provide individualized support to our residents in order to develop recovery goals and facilitate access to our partnered recovery support services such as Therapy, Counseling, Life-Skills Training, Medical, & Psychiatric care. We offer comprehensive assessments and develop individualized recovery plans to ensure our residents have the resources and support they need to reach their long-term recovery goals.

men in sober living
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