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Community Partners & Recovery Ally Giving Program

We are immensely grateful for the support of our community partners and Allis who have generously contributed to the Keith Dixon Foundation, furthering our mission of providing crucial assistance to individuals in recovery. Through their unwavering support and collaborative efforts, we have been able to recovery support services to those in need, making a tangible difference in their journey towards recovery and healing. Together, we are building a stronger, more compassionate community dedicated to supporting individuals on the path to a sustained recovery.

Community Partnerships

We couldn't do this without you

Healing Housing
Apex Motorsports
RJ Young
A-Able Storage
DoBro Steel
ARCO Construction
Bailey Equipment
A Design For Living
Promises Behavioral Health
Music City Chief Executives
Phoenix Recovery
Healing Appalachia
A Vision For You Recovery Homes
Men in sober living

Recovery Ally Program

Monthly or Annual Giving

At the Keith Dixon Foundation, we firmly believe that establishing safe and secure housing is paramount in addressing an individual's addiction history, mental health disorders, trauma experiences, and related challenges. With a stable residence, preferably a nurturing home environment, individuals can embark on their journey towards long-term sobriety and healing.


In 2021, Logan Terry co-founded the Keith Dixon Foundation with the primary goal of providing funding for stable, safe, and high-quality recovery housing for Tennesseans without income who are on the path to recovery from addiction. To signify the invaluable support of our donors who have continuously supported us in advancing this mission, we have named our group of supporters 'Recovery Allies.'


Through their recurring contributions, these allies play a crucial role in maintaining our alignment with this vision.

What your gift provides

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Recovery Allies

Matthew Strother

Clay and Venessa Strother

Cole & Jordan Chaffin

Sue and Randall Burkhalter

Cayle & Cathy Strother

May Sullivan

Tracey Levine

Cynthia Terry

Bobby & Cathy Thompson

Thank You

Our Recovery Ally Program is our Annual or Monthly Giving Program where you can help individuals find a life recovery

Our Recovery Ally Program is a way for you to help individuals in recovery on a monthly basis. 

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